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Trust Nationality

Our business associates highly experienced professionals in the legal and financial services. As a team we provide a broad spectrum of management consultancy services in investment immigration and wealth management for a multinational, high net worth clientele, while ensuring our clients have access to a comprehensive range of expertise and solutions of alternative citizenship and residency by investment programs, wealth and asset management, and international real estate development.

Our extensive global network of authorized and regulated partners, agents, and representatives, with whom we cooperate to provide the highest quality of service, allows us to provide smooth and hassle-free immigration procedures with timely approval of client applications.

Contact us and will provide you with the highest quality of advice on matters such as the best location to seek investment immigration or permanent residence, the type of investment most suitable to your needs, and how to prepare the relevant documentation.

Town Planning

Town Planning Services is an independent planning consultancy that gives practical advice on the planning process. We take care to listen to our clients so we understand what they really want to achieve, and give them the help they need to get there.

With two experienced professionals, we give expert advice with friendly service.

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Property Management

Property owners may appoint our firm to offer them all relevant services involved in the management of a property.

We list below the most important services:
  • Finding suitable tenants
  • Preparing rental contracts
  • Collecting down-payment and monthly rents
  • Depositing rents in the owner’s bank account
  • Record keeping of the tenants and their rental payments
  • Repairing and maintenance work
  • Payments for all expenses/taxes that the owner must pay
  • Financial reporting accessible by internet via password with daily updates
  • Constant communication with owners on all outstanding issues
  • Pool and garden maintenance

If you would like to get more detailed information about our professional services please contact us on


We undertake to prepare architectural plans, issue planning permission, ensure the building permit, undertake the construction and ensure the final approval permit.

With the assistance of our professional team we may ensure in advance the construction cost, the quality as well as the completion time.

You may contact us on in order to arrange a meeting with our professional team.